SIRIUS Ltd. has been established in 1993 – its main activities involve project design, manufacturing, and trade of light bodies, light systems, domestic lighting and hotel lighting.

Over the course of time, the company became a major leader on the Lighting business market in Bulgaria. The equipment and materials in use have been fully approved by EU manufacturers.

A new facility dedicated to production and administration were built in 2000, together with a showroom called SIRIUS EXPO and a parking area, spread across a total of 2000m2. They are located just 5 minutes away by car from the city center of Sofia.

The main advantages of the integrated manufacturing of light bodies:

  • High-quality standard at a lower price;
  • Considerably less time to supply orders;
  • Practically an endless product base;
  • Close connection between our clients and us;
  • Actual traceability of each and every order;
  • Flexible approach and a variety of ways to execute an order;
  • A guarantee that goes with the light bodies and the lighting;
  • Maintenance of all systems that have been installed by the company.

In the beginning of 2005, SIRIUS Ltd. was successfully certified with ISO9001 by one of the leading certification bodies – Lloyd’s Register.

The largest shop for lighting and lighting equipment was established in Bulgaria in 2007 with over 3500m2 commercial areas, under the trade mark “SIRIUS”. Inside the shop area, are represented over 50 EU leaders in the Lighting business.

Light bodies and Lamps Manufacturing

SIRIUS Ltd. has a manufacturing base in Sofia that is capable of fulfilling big orders of light bodies and lamps, in accordance with assigned projects or based on a design idea. There are separate departments for Design, Construction, Cooperation, Manipulation and Assembly of light bodies.

The company partners with many subcontractors across the country in order to reach an optimal price, speed, and quality of production. There is a direct import of details and elements from the European Union and partner programs with factories for glass production and lamp shades. In the manufacturing base, there are different processing departments such as Metal Processing Department, Wood Processing, Glass Processing, Covering, and Assembly.

The machines and equipment available are plenty to supply the market demands. Last, but not least, it is important for us to create work places in Bulgaria, to create products with Bulgarian origin and to be able to realize the ideas of Bulgarian consumers.