Palmenwald Hotel Lighting

One of the newest hotels from of the “Sharlopov Hotels” chain is located in Freudenstadt, Germany and it opened on 17th of May 2010. The hotel represents the largest Bulgarian investment in Germany and it deservingly won the award of the German-Bulgarian Industrial-Commercial Chamber. The hotel has a four-star rating and the investment is about 7 Million Euros.

Almost the whole interior design has been built by Bulgarian companies. Sirius Ltd. is a supplier of light bodies. The lighting has been realized within a project of the main designer, it was combined with the style of the restored hotel.

Stylish Light Bodies

Most light bodies have been specially developed and produced by Sirius Ltd. Many of the variants were just an idea, but thanks to the mutual work of the main architect, designer, and specialist ideas turned into the reality.

One of the main advantages for the realization of this project was the ability to meet all the the deadlines that were set initially. All Bulgarian companies managed to match the German precision and accuracy.

The official opening of the “Palmenwald Schwarzwaldhof” hotel was on 17th of May, 2010 and it was attended by many prominent figures of society, as well as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria – Boyko Borisov.

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