Hotel Velina Lighting

Velingrad is one of the places that are well-known for those who love SPA procedures and Balneology, and this is exactly where the four-star hotel complex Velina is located. The hotel has been fully renovated in 2005-2007 and it won the award for the Best SPA Hotel in Bulgaria in 2009.

The hotel lighting was specially designed and developed for the requirements of the complex. All light bodies have been manufactured by Sirius Ltd. with the use of high-quality materials. As a main supplier of the light bodies for hotels and designing of lighting for hotels, it was Sirius Ltd. that was chosen for the implementation of the project for the lighting in the spaces inside the hotel and the outdoor areas.

For the hotel rooms, packages of lamps and desk maps were made. The color scheme was built in two completely different color tones – Crème and Burgundy.

The marking lighting above the rooms in the hallways is achieved by an effectively built Inox model. For the lobby bar, a unique chandelier was constructed, made of 24 lamps with lamp shades and dimensions 1000х2500mm.

The light bodies with a corps of polished stone and French lamp shades add yet another nuance and styling. Every lighting detail of the four-star establishment has been mastered.

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