FACE Bar & Dinner Lighting

This is another brand new place that has a unique style, kitchen and, of course, a wonderful panoramic view of Sofia. FACE Bar & Dinner trusted Sirius Ltd. with the production and delivery of special designer light bodies, that have been made in accordance with the project and the architecture of the building.

A unique light body, that has been build in trapezoid form with over 5 000 crystals was mounted above the stairs that lead to the second level. The form is compliant with the line of the staircase – a drop down spiral of ether crystals. The entire space has been well-lit by powerful halogen lamps.

In spite of the hard-to-reach places and impressive heights where the bodies are assembled, Sirius Ltd. is able to do so thanks to a professional assembly team that has everything you need for a successful assembly.

If you want to order a special light body that fits with your interior, don’t hesitate to contact us – Expo Center Sirius – Sofia, by phone or e-mail. Our consultant will pay a visit to your location in order to propose the best option, sizing, and type of light body.

There is an unlimited number of options to choose from, different types and colors of crystals, mirror surfaces such as Inox, Chromium, Gold, Graphite. There are also halogen lamps and powerful light-emitting diodes or LED – solutions for every taste and style.

Similar light bodies are mounted inside many premises, commercial centers and private homes outside of Sofia and even outside of Bulgaria.