Fan Light Chandeliers

Fan chandeliers are that type of light bodies that combines lighting with a ventilator, it’s a symbiosis. It has a list of advantages that we will look into in this article.

– With chandeliers and fans you save energy;

– How to choose the right fan;

– Models with remote control;

Saving Energy with the Fans

Fan Chandelier

Fan chandeliers are appliances that are a natural source of cooling and save on energy. Most fan chandeliers use no more than 60W of energy, or just as a simple light bulb does, which is equal to 0,01BGN per hour. Of course, consider that the larger fans are also consuming more energy. The fans will save money from the bills through the summer and the winter.

Fan Chandeliers during the Summer

Even if it doesn’t decrease the room temperature, the fan creates the feeling of cooling down, which is a result of the movement of the air and the air recirculation. The effective circulation can bring the sensation that the air is up to 8 degrees cooler and lower the air conditioning bills with up to 40%.

Fan chandeliers during the winter

In the winter months, you need to set the fan to a Reverse mode. This mode pulls the warm air up to the ceiling and then it descends around the walls, while methodically it recalculates the warm arid around the whole room. This technique has been proved to lower the cost of heating with up to 10%.

How to pick the right type of fan

Chandelier Fans

Size and purpose of the room (living room, bedroom, etc.)

It’s important to keep in mind the size of the room when you are choosing a fan chandelier. The bigger the room, the more powerful the fan needs to be; also the bigger the fins of the fan, in order to reach the optimal movement of the air in the room.

Recommendations for the size

Size of the room and a recommended size for the fan

Up to 7 m2 (2х3.5 m – a small room) – about 92cm.

From 7 to 13 m2 (3х4 m – a small bedroom ) – from 92 to 107cm.

From 13 to 20 m2 (4×5 m – a normal bedroom or a small living room) – about 122cm.

From 20 to 36 m2 (6×6 m – a big bedroom or a large living room) – from 127 to 132cm.

Big rooms – Big living rooms and bedrooms need a fan chandelier with the size of 132cm or bigger in order to generate the needed air flow. A small fan in a big room may look unbalanced and the opposite applies – a big fan in a small room will look a bit too much.

Small and medium rooms – for kitchens, dining rooms and children bedrooms, and offices 122cm or smaller, is a good size.

Outdoor spaces – Porches and so on – The fans in these spaces have to be protected from water with at least three walls that keep away the wind.

Height of the ceiling

If you have a ceiling that is higher than the standard 2.4m, you will have to use extensions or a suffix. Ask for this suffix, before you buy the fan chandelier. The consultants in the Sirius shop will show you how it’s used.

The mounting on the ceiling is done with planks that are easy to assemble.

Recommended height for assembly

All fans need to be mounted on at least 2.1m height from the floor to the rotating fins, and a minimum of 30cm from the ceiling.

Fan chandelier as a source of light

If the fan chandeliers replace the entire lighting, it’s necessary to pick a model that light up the space well enough. Browse through the models on our website or come to the shop in order to find more variety.

Fan chandelier with remote control

If you want to use remote control for the light and the air circulation, don’t hesitate to ask for models that include this addition. One of the biggest advantages is that you won’t need to put through additional cable and a switch, and you can control everything from a distance.