Garden Lighting

Welcome to your exterior oasis. From the smallest yards and chic bacons to large gardens – we all appreciate the outdoor space we have and the freedom it gives us. In this article, you will find the most important advantages that you can achieve with exterior or garden lighting and light bodies.

Exterior lighting

Safety for your Home – houses with an adequate exterior lighting are not one of the favorite picks for burglars. Thieves prefer premises without lighting or with an improper choice of light bodies. The right type of lighting around your home can seriously lower the risk of criminal incidents.

Welcoming – a well-constructed lighting will direct your guests and welcome them in your home. The light paths are the perfect way to show the entrance or the different branches so that the guest can find their way in the dark without getting lost.

Outdoor entertainment – People love outdoor spaces, they use the light for a night time entertainment and create additional accents in the lighting. Spot lighting can be used in order to put an emphasis on different garden elements – trees, bushes, fountains, rock gardens, statues, which creates the right atmosphere.

Project for Garden lighting

Design the exterior by yourself – Projection lighting is a fantastic idea for lighting up your home and adding a dramatic look to the architecture. Big, majestic trees can be lit as well. Even the traditional bench can look a lot more infesting if it is well-lit.

The construction is easy and most of the light bodies on display in the SIRIUS shop can be installed from a handy man.

What is the IP mark? IP is the international way to describe a water protection and hard objects which can enter inside the light body. IP marks are represented by two numbers. The first one defines the protection from hard objects such as dust particles. The second one is the level of protection, water-resistance. The bigger the number, the better protected the lamp is.

Tips for outdoor/garden lighting

  1. Object lighting sets you up for a good mood or creates an atmosphere and a starting point in exterior lighting. Always hide the light source when you design exterior lighting – you can place it behind a bush, a branch or a stone.
  2. Place the accent on some special elements in your garden through the use of spot lighting. This type of lighting works the best when you are lighting from the ground upwards.

Tips for the garden

  1. The path lighting is a wonderful way to tell directions, to improve the safety, the security and the visibility during the night time. Avoid placing the lighting from both sides of the path unless you want to have the effect of a aviation runway. Place the light bodies in the beginning of the path and close to the steps in order to achieve optimal lighting.
  2. Don’t overdo it with the lighting. The intriguing lighting creates a better atmosphere most of the times. Shadows can play a great role. Some contrast between the light and dark places will add a dramatic effect, which is much more pleasant than a surface which is strongly lit by projectors.
  3. Place built-in light bodies on steps or balconies in order to guarantee the safety. SIRIUS offers plenty of these products.
  4. Think about using LED light bodies. They have a long lifespan – up to 50 times more than the standard lamps and are ideal for outdoor areas where you need long-lasting nighttime lighting.
  5. If you live nearby the sea, it’s good to pick external light bodies that are developed from stainless steel which has a bigger resistance to outside conditions.

Safety and maintenance of the exterior and the garden lighting

In order to keep everything in order, and for your own safety, as well as the safety of your family and pets, there are a couple of simple rules to follow.

  • Never use light bodies in the garden that are not specially designed for the conditions in the outdoors. This is the only way to avoid the risk of electric shock.
  • Clean up the light bodies and the lamps inside at least every 3 months, in order to avoid the dirt coming from the air and other pollutants sticking inside. In time, the effectiveness of the lamps can decrease significantly as a result of the dust.

Garden light bodies

  • Check the cables and the ties to the electricity, when you clean up the light bodies in order to guarantee that everything will work out fine.
  • If you have kids or pets, it’s good to check for all types of conductors that have become invisible. There is a dangerous if there are such that they are found by small children or are interrupted by the pets.
  • For the stainless light bodies, it’s good to place on their surface neutral WD40 oil and then to clean them well, in order to have a perfect cover of the lamps.

Tips for including light bodies in the garden

The outdoor lighting allows the owners to show their home, its architecture, terrain or the different decorations, even if it is just for fun. When the night comes, there are different options for turning on the garden lighting.

* Place simple switches for the lighting on places that are easy to reach and are comfortable to use, nearby the doors or the windows. They can be installed inside as well, instead of walking outside to turn them on.

* Use a sensor for movement that will automatically turn on the lighting if someone comes by the entrance or the pathway. Most of the sensors on the market have settings, so that they remain inactive if there is a pet or another small object in front of the house. They also have the option of being set so that they are turned on only after the sunset, so that they don’t need to light the path when it’s still light outside. This way, you save energy.

* Timer for a proper setting and of the hour when the lights go on.

For a professional advice about the choice of external light bodies, don’t hesitate to contact us.